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The Return of Egyptian Dance Students

Hi everyone, as you know online classes are becoming more popular around the world as many countries have experienced covid lockdowns and temporary studio closures. I ran events, festivals and classes in Egypt for many years, but of course like many others, am still waiting until its the right time to recommence. For now, we have online options for dancers to study various cultural dance arts with live Egyptian music & percussion. One of the courses I offer is A-Z Bellydance. Recently, many of my former Egyptian students (from Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Fayoum, Red Sea) and new students from Egypt, are taking A-Z Bellydance classes. I was curious as to why they were interested in taking classes when they already know how to Bellydance... a social norm in Egypt!  Here's a short 4 minute chat about why they are doing bellydance classes.  Listen here: Warm wishes, Keti