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Focus and Flow - How to Bring Creative Action to Artistic Projects

Hi dancers, do you have a project or awesome idea that you've been contemplating for some time? Does it seem to stop and start, with a wavering kind of energy... and even though the logistics of the process seem do-able, something prevents you from getting past the finish line? I know what that feels like. Successful projects can be a real balancing act. They need a spirit of fun and play to make you want to stick with them. Yet the step-by-step process is essential of you want to get it completed. So, why do we see so many 'abandoned ideas' and how can we integrate the polarities of "exploration" and "action". My June blog is in the form of a very short audio. I too am in the process of working through a timeline of practical steps required to finish some dance projects, and am familiar with the process of navigating between focus and flow. I also know what getting too caught up with either polarity can do... and its usually detrimental to reac