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Are You at The Crossroads of Change?

I've been chatting with many dance friends lately, particularly teachers,  who feel like they've lost their "bellydance mojo". They feel that the initial spark, their drive or the energy has fizzled around bellydance somehow. Some are saying it feels like burnout... others are saying they yearn for a fresh direction, but are unsure of the path their dance-life should take. Often, the urge is to find something new, hoping it will ignite or renew passion, or shift the focus... and since there are so many possibilities, even that decision seems overwhelming. Are you at the crossroads of change? Who are you now, as a more mature being -  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually ? How does each area affect your dance and what needs to change to synchronise with your most recent level of maturity and self? As you've matured, your dance needs will have probably changed. If you're feeling the shift, listen.  This is an ideal t