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Creating Dance Products and Resources

Hi everyone, I’d like to talk about ‘creating a product or resource’ as an integral part of your dance teaching or event production. Many dancers who teach, or have an interest in a specific topic, are quite capable of creating a resource that can be of benefit to others. Even starting with a small audience, your product can become a useful addition to your dance enterprise, whether you run a weekly class or if dance related work is something you do full time, as a career. The creation of products and resources can also generate extra income, whilst enhancing your own collection of resources. It may be useful to re-frame how you see a product fitting into your artistic creations, and view it as: 1. An extension of your research and knowledge; 2. A way to clarify and propagate your vision; 3. A means of facilitating the educational process; 4. An educational resource or tool that provides opportunity for a more intensive learning experience. A ‘product’ or ‘resource’ needn’t b