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Clarity Around Events: Is it a Collaboration, Cross-Promotion or Sponsorship?

Hi dancers!  I've started a blog... the aim is to share insights into areas that are not often discussed, where we make decisions that affect our artistic directions. I'll post a new article each month. Events and connections make our local and international dance world go round, right? Bellydance sub-culture has grown phenomenally in the recent decade, with more inter-relationships, live and online, than ever before. But how do we discern which associations are the right ones for us and our fellow artists? Collaboration, cross-promotion and sponsorship are three very different relationships that exist in the co-operative dance world. They can be beneficial and uplifting for everyone involved, including the wider community, or conversely, they can become energetically draining and create disharmony. Artistic relationships need to be initiated with clarity and approached with integrity for ideas to flourish within successful associations; either as a short-term projects or lo